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Protect Your Appliances & Electronics With The Help Of Our South Florida Surge Protection Specialists

Surge protection

Surge protectors for whole home or commercial business use are far better than any portable surge protection you can purchase and install yourself. These systems keep all your electrical appliances and equipment safe as well as any electrical wiring or components supplying the power, and they keep working even after they have handled a surge -not like many portable plugin surge protectors. Our Boca Raton surge protection experts will be happy to go over the pros and cons of each type of power surge protection device with you, so you can get the right product for your specific needs.

Surge protection systems installed directly into your electrical system must be installed by a professional, licensed, and experienced Boca Raton electrician, or you risk fire, shock, or ruining your entire system of electrical components.

A surge can travel through many types of wiring, including cabling for TV or the internet and phone. A unit that serves the entire home or building keeps all your valuable assets and your very valuable electrical system safe and protected from damages.

Surge protection equipment for your home or business needs to be maintained on occasion and repaired when necessary. If you've experienced a surge through power lines, you should have the system checked, especially if it's the first time after it was installed.

Home Surge Protection

You've probably spent a lot of time over the years upgrading appliances or replacing them when needed. Many homes have numerous televisions, monitors, computer equipment, and a hundred other expensive to replace electrical devices. During a surge, you have no control over what happens to your assets if there's no surge protection or very little to protect them.

A whole-home surge protector in Boca Raton and other areas of Florida can be installed to seamlessly protect your equipment during a power surge. Call today for a free, honest, upfront estimate because we can find you a great system that perfectly suits your home or business needs no matter how large or small the project is.

Commercial Surge Protection

Whether you have loads of heavy electrical equipment to protect or just the main electrical system in your commercial business, our reliable electrical contractors can help you fit your business with a commercial surge protection system to serve all your electrical systems and equipment.

You've already invested a lot in your business. From Palm Beach Gardens to Fort Lauderdale, it only makes sense to keep it all protected with an efficient surge protector. Plus, you'll be ensuring there's less risk of fire or electric shock.

If you've made the decision to look into commercial surge protection, give Facility Service Experts for a great estimate from our professional Boca Raton electrical services team.

Our Services Keep Your Boca Raton Home Functioning Safely

Maintaining a safe and dependable electrical setup is essential for your Boca Raton home, and we're here to help ensure your electrical setup always works its very best. From surge protection to panel upgrades, we offer all the services needed to keep your electrical setup working right.

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