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First-Rate Tesla Electric Car Charger Installation For Your South Florida Home

Tesla electric car charger installation

Tesla's all-electric vehicles are the hottest, newest, and most-desired electric cars in America! Naturally, we at Facility Service Experts hopped on board to become an electrical installer for the Tesla Charging Stations and any related and unrelated electrical car charger in Boca Raton!

Facility Service Experts, is listed on Tesla's website as a recommended electrical contractor for the installation of all car chargers. We partner with Tesla in order to provide you with innovative charging systems in order to keep you on the road. Our entire crew of electricians are state-certified, licensed, and endorsed by Tesla Motors to install, repair, and provide maintenance for all Tesla Charging Station models.

If you require an electrical car charger for your home, including the famous Tesla charging station, we can handle any size job!

Call our expert electrical contractors today to schedule your free estimate for Tesla Charging Stations or other electric car chargers to be installed in your home!

DCC-9 Energy Management System By Thermolec

The DCC-9 energy management system offered by Facility Service Experts re-energizes the EV charger automatically when the power consumption reaches less than 80% of the main circuit breaker's capacity for a period of over 15 minutes. Additionally, the DCC-9 identifies when the power consumption surpasses 80% of the main circuit breaker's capacity, de-energizing the EV charger temporarily.

What Does the DCC-9 Offer?

  • Doesn't impact the load calculations of electrical panels
  • Can be installed on a ceiling or wall by trained professionals at Facility Service Experts
  • Suitable for electrical panels without extra breaker slots
  • Includes a charge controller, an EV charger breaker (Max 60A), pre-wired current transformers (CT), and a splitter box (Max 125A)
  • Involves automatic billing of electricity for condo installations

DCC-10 Energy Management System By Thermolec

The DCC-10 energy management system provided by Facility Service Experts monitors total power consumption in real-time, re-energizing the EV charger when power consumption decreases below 80% of the main circuit breaker's capacity and de-energizing the EV charger when power consumption exceeds 80%.

What Does the DCC-10 Offer?

  • Doesn't influence the load calculation of your electrical panel
  • Involves the automatic billing of electricity usage by the utility in condos
  • Can be mounted to a wall or ceiling by experienced technicians at Facility Service Experts
  • Requires one available double pole breaker slot on your electrical panel
  • Includes a charge controller, an EV charger breaker (Max 60A), and split-core current transformers (CT)

Let Us Be Your Boca Raton Electrical Experts

Our Boca Raton team proudly offers far more than something as niche as electric car chargers. For instance, you can always look to us when you need an electrical repair, a tune-up, or any other electrical service handled. Give us a call today if you're in need of any electrical work.

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