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Tips & Tricks For Keeping Cool This Summer!

Tips tricks keeping cool this summer

Summer has finally graced us with its presence! Complaints of "Summer will never get here" are now turning into "It's too hot, my electric bill is going to be huge!" — Yes, air conditioning does make your home cooler, and yes, fans do circulate that cool air and make it feel even better. However, these are not the only 2 factors in keeping your home cool! Below are some "cooling hacks" you and your friends and families can try at home!

Keep Your Blinds, Curtains, and Shades Closed

Sunlight can be your worst enemy in your home! It is said that up to 30% of unwanted heat enters your home through your windows. On an average, utilizing your curtains, shades and blinds for the purpose of blocking out summer sunlight can reduce your electricity bill by up to 7%, and even better, help lower your indoor temperate by up to 20 degrees in your home! With just the first tip, you're already on your way to a cooler home this summer without spending a dime!

Ditch the Flannel and Fleece, and Roll out the Cotton

We're pretty sure you're not rolling around in flannel or fleece sheets in this weather. However, if you didn't already know, changing over your bedding to cotton blend sheets, pillowcases and blankets will automatically help you cool down in bed easier. Cotton breathes easier than other fabrics, and stays cooler longer. Better yet – try out some Buckwheat Hull pillows, if you're tired of flipping for the cooler side. Organic buckwheat hull pillows are resistant to pressure. This resistance allows air gaps to remain in the buckwheat hull pillow, which provides breathability and coolness to your head and body. The buckwheat hull pillow doesn't trap heat. A comfy and cool hear will even help you sleep better through the heat!

Adjust Your Ceiling Fans

Most people don't know this, but, your ceiling fans should be adjusted seasonally! Setting your fan to circulate counter-clockwise in the summer, at higher speeds, will create a wind-chilling breeze effect that will make you and your guests "feel" cooler while in your home. Keeping cool air circulating always makes the body feel cooler.

Focus on Your Body's Temperature and How to Maintain It

Keeping your body cooler can be done in many ways. It's all about personal preference on what works for you. However, some of the most common tips seem to work for many. Sip cool drinks for slight relief in "feeling" overheated. Apply a cold cloth to your strong-pulse areas, like your neck and wrists (this cools you from the inside out). Stick to cotton fabric. Try shorts! Some people think that sleeping nude helps them cool down, however, others think sleeping nude just leaves nothing to wick away any sweat or moisture, which makes them feel even more overheated. Again, no "body" is the same! This whole tip is preferential to your body and how yours responds. What works best for you?

Utilize Your Bathroom and Kitchen Fans

A hot and steamy shower can definitely add humidity to your home very quickly, as well as preparing your meals throughout the day (if you're cooking). Your exhaust fans found in your bathrooms and sometimes in your kitchen help to pull hot air up and out of your home, apartment, and even your office.

Keep Your Bed Cool

This is going to sound crazy, but, slightly dampening your sheets before bed (in the heat of the summer) will help your body stay cooler longer in bed. Have them in the dryer now? Pull them out a little early, and see how this works for you overnight. Also, grab a water bottle or tumbler and fill it up with water. Freeze it, and place it by your feet or under your pillow at night, or both! This will help your body feel cooler and help you sleep more soundly.

Ditch the Incandescent Bulbs in Your Home

If you ever needed motivation to make the switch to CFLs, or compact fluorescent lamps, this is it. Incandescent bulbs waste about 90 percent of their energy in the heat they emit, so tossing them to the curb will make a small difference in cooling your home while lowering your electric bill. Who doesn't love to save a little cash while staying cool?

Ever Grilled on the Barbecue? No? Try It Out This Summer!

It's obvious, but we're going to say it anyway: Using your oven or stove in the summer will make your house hotter. If you're already overwhelmed by humidity in your home, try cooking outdoors! This will keep the hot air out of your home, and you can enjoy your meal in cool, comfortable peace when you're all done and ready to sit down to enjoy the fabulous foods you just created!

Lastly, the Home Improvements That Can Help

We don't want you to spend any more money than you have to. As our customer, your comfort is our main concern. However, some minor home improvements can help keep your home cooler and keep your air conditioning system running less, which means less wear and tear:

  • Install an attic fan: One of the smartest, and most cost-effective, home improvements you can make to beat the heat is to install an attic fan. Attic fans are installed in your ceiling, and cool your home by blowing the hot air up into the attic and drawing in cool air from outside.
  • Install window coverings: Window coverings are one of the most effective weapons against the heat entering your home in the summer. Not satisfied with your current blinds or curtains? Install some solar shades, insulated blinds, wood blinds, or solar curtains in your home. Though they may be more pricey, they WILL help your home stay cooler, and will keep your air conditioning system more at bay, which means lower electric bills!
  • Improve your attic ventilation and insulation: Air in your attic can reach up to 170 degrees without proper ventilation. Once you adjust and improve your attic's ventilation with installation of gable, soffit and roof vents, your attic's improved insulation will also help keep the heat out.
  • Add more ceiling fans: Ceiling fans help circulate your conditioned air, and give off a wind-chill breeze effect that will make your home feel cooler longer. They also work in the winter to help circulate your heat. Ceiling fans are always a smart investment, year-round.

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